• Less than 1% rated power standby losses
  • Cycle every 75 seconds continuous duty
  • Custom engineered parallel capability for high power ratings
  • Lifespan of 10,000,000 charge-discharge cycles

Kinetic Traction's unique high-speed carbon flywheel systems feature high cycling composite rotors running on magnetic and hydrodynamic bearings at up to 36,000 RPM to provide 200kW each. Our systems are capable of delivering more than 1000 charge-discharge cycles per day for 20 years with minimal maintenance.

The GTR flywheel utilizes a fully integrated, permanent magnet, brushless, DC motor generator to provide clean energy capture with significantly lower costs than traditional energy substations. The GTR flywheel technology was introduced nearly 20 years ago and tested in major rail and subway systems in New York, London and Lyon. KTSi builds on this technology, pioneered in the 1990's, to develop high-speed flywheel systems that absorb and deliver power more reliably, economically and effectively than any competing technology.

High-Speed Composite Flywheel System Information

  • Two terminal, DC kinetic energy storage system
  • Fully integrated high-speed, permanent magnet, brushless, DC motor generator output
  • 200kW power rating per individual unit
  • Adjustable operating voltage 570 - 900 VDC
  • Custom engineered, parallel systems for high power requirements
  • DC Ripple < 1%

Input Requirements

  • Minimum under voltage threshold 450 V DC
  • Minimum charging current required 5 A DC
  • Average standby power consumption < 400 w

Stored Energy

  • Normal operating speed range of a unit from 430 Hz to 630 Hz (25,800 to 37,800 RPM)
  • Usable energy approximately 5.4 MJoules or 1.5kW-h

Cycling Capability

  • Units capable of up to 1000 charge-discharge cycles per day for 20 years
  • Operating temperature range: 32°F to 104°F

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