Kinetic Traction Systems, Inc. Launches with Patented Flywheel Technology to Rail-Volutionize Public Transportation

CHATSWORTH, Calif . – November 1, 2010. Kinetic Traction Systems, Inc. launches with cutting edge clean energy storage and recycling systems that solve key challenges facing municipalities and transportation agencies around the globe. The company's proprietary flywheel technology offers increased performance, lower capital costs and reduced environmental impact to transit agencies and partners working to meet smart growth requirements and increased ridership on electrical rail services.

“There is a strong need in the commuter rail industry for a clean, reliable and powerful energy storage product,” said John Babcock , partner with Rustic Canyon Partners and KTSi Board of Directors member. “By harnessing the kinetic energy of braking trains, KTSi's flywheel energy storage systems not only meet these demands, but are more economical and environmentally friendly than other energy storage technologies.”

Kinetic Traction Systems, Inc.'s primary focus is developing flywheel technology to design and manufacture energy storage systems that absorb energy and generate power in rail traction and energy recycling applications. KTSi flywheel systems moreover provide voltage support to overtaxed sections of electric rail systems, eliminating slowdowns, as well as capturing, storing, and reusing the regenerative braking energy of rail cars. “The KTSi flywheel-based systems offer the benefits of voltage support and recycling of braking energy in rail applications” said Richard Newark, CEO of KTSi. “Our systems can be installed trackside in a containerized or modular building, or in existing metro transit agency infrastructure.”

The KTSi proprietary flywheel design has already been used to provide traction power to subway trains in several of the world's leading metropolitan transit authorities, including NYC Transit, London Underground, and Paris Metro. “The KTSi team has demonstrated many times over how well this technology works”, says Edward Forwood , partner with Loudwater and KTSi Shareholder. “No one understands better how to harness the energy from train pulling into a station and redeploy it to speed passengers on their way. And no other group brings the KTSi track record of successful implementation of these systems.”

KTSi has launched with individuals who have combined over 40 years experience in flywheel technology, and previously manufactured and marketed flywheel systems at Pentadyne Power Corporation and Urenco Power Technologies. KTSi backers include Loudwater Trust, Rustic Canyon Partners, and DTE Energy Ventures. “KTSi draws on a wealth of experience and long history in flywheel technology and manufacturing. This proven flywheel energy storage product is capable of high duty cycle, efficient energy recycling, and storage for electric rail applications,” stated Newark, “Coupled with the 20 year longevity of the product, these systems are the right product for the future of mass transit rail.”

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About Kinetic Traction Systems, Inc.

Kinetic Traction Systems (KTSi) is a leading provider of clean energy storage systems for use in rail traction power and energy recycling applications. KTSi has revolutionized energy storage with an advanced flywheel-based system that absorbs energy and generates power in high duty cycle applications reliably, efficiently, and more economically than traditional traction power substations. Kinetic Traction Systems, Inc. designs and manufactures its advanced flywheel technology products in Chatsworth, CA in the greater Los Angeles area.


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