Turbo Aerator

The Challenge

The aeration process in many process industries such as activated wastewater treatment plants, can consume 40 – 60% of the plant’s overall power usage. Historically, these plants have used positive displacement blower technology for aeration. Kinetic Traction Systems (KTSi) Turbo Aerators offer more than 30% energy savings compared to traditional positive displacement blowers and investment payback in less than two years.

What It Is

The KTSi Turbo Aerator offers efficient, compact, cost effective aeration solutions for industries that require high quality aeration, such as wastewater treatment, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical processing. Unlike conventional compressors with lubricated gearboxes, the KTSi Turbo Aerator uses a single shaft coupling the impeller and direct drive high-speed permanent magnet motor eliminating oil carryover contaminates in the air compression process to comply with ISO 8573 and ISO 12500 quality standards.

Integrated Turbo Fan

With only one moving part, the Turbo Aerator is the combination of KTSi know-how and proven technologies. This includes a direct drive air cooled permanent magnet synchronous motor, self-diagnostic active magnetic bearings and controls, single-stage high compression impeller and variable frequency inverter with optimized algorithms for turbo fan performance and SCADA compatibility.

Magnetic Bearings

Digitally controlled active magnetic bearings and a passive magnetic bearing adopted from proprietary GTR flywheel technology are unequaled within the turbo blower industry. This bearing system allows the KTSi Turbo Aerator to operate in a safe, controlled manner with small impeller clearances. Magnetic bearings handle high loads and multiple start and stop cycles that air foil bearings cannot. Kinetic Turbo Aerators are equipped with magnetic bearing controls battery backup power and touchdown bearings providing high reliability and control for both planned and unplanned shutdown.

Installation and Maintenance

KTSi Turbo Aerators are supplied as fully integrated systems with a comparatively compact footprint minimizing special installation and foundation requirements. Noise and vibration isolation are also part of the integrated package and greatly simplify facility modifications to replace existing compressors. The direct drive impeller, magnetic bearing system, air-cooled motor, self-diagnostics and single moving part all contribute to long life and minimal maintenance.

Aerator Controls

Pre-engineered local aerator system controls are included with the KTSi Turbo Aerator and offer many options from standard analog inputs to full SCADA communication with plant master controls. The aerator can operate in constant flow, constant pressure, or proportional modes responding to plant SCADA commands.

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