Waste Heat Recovery Generator

The Challenge

Many industrial processes consume enormous amounts of energy and are directly responsible for significant amounts of all CO2 emissions globally. Additionally, nearly half of all industrial processing energy consumption is released as waste heat. Waste heat energy can be captured and converted into high quality electrical energy to reduce overall energy consumption and greenhouse gases.

Benefits of Waste-Heat Generators

Kinetic Traction Systems (KTSi) waste heat recovery systems utilize existing industrial process waste heat energy sources to generate high quality electricity in power ranges from 300 kWe to 500 kWe. The WHRG is designed using Organic Rankine Cycle technology that converts low and medium temperature process heat into electricity via a high speed turbine generator power unit.

Organic Rankine Cycle

The KTSi Waste Heat Generator is based on the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology. The ORC is a thermodynamic cycle that uses an organic fluid to convert low temperature heat into mechanical work. That mechanical work can then be converted into usable electricity.

WHRG Application: Cement Plants

The KTSi low temperature WHRG can be utilized at multiple locations in the cement production process resulting in continuous power generated from recovered waste heat.

Integrated Power Unit

The Integrated Power Unit (IPU) combines several high efficiency components on a single shaft. The radial turbine drives the permanent magnet motor/generator at 11,000 RPM, supported on reliable passive magnetic and hydrodynamic pin bearings. Extensive use is made of electromagnetic and thermal analysis in the design of the permanent magnet motor/generator, resulting in efficiency above 98.5%. The high-speed mechanical systems are designed with in-depth analysis of rotordynamics and bearing models. The turbine, nozzle and labyrinth balance seal are designed using finite element methods and computational fluid dynamics. These optimized components are manufactured using modern 5-axis machining centers to guarantee the accuracy of surface form required to achieve low-loss vapor flow and high efficiency.

WHRG Control System

An integrated control module provides WHRG system and process control, condition monitoring and data acquisition utilizing PLC and VFD hardware and proprietary software. System temperatures and pressures are continuously monitored providing feedback for efficient operation. A variable frequency drive allows the fluid pump to provide optimum performance for specific hot and cool water temperature and flow rates. This allows the WHRG to provide the best possible performance for a range of customer requirements. A custom designed bi-directional inverter converts the generated electrical energy to the specific voltage and frequency required by the utility grid.

WHRG Performance

KTSi designed two WHRG machines to provide optimum use of available waste heat energy. Based on hot water supply temperature of 110° C, the WHRG 300™ provides electrical power from 200 kWe to 380 kWe depending on the cooling water temperature and available flow rate of the waste hot water supply. The electrical output power of the WHRG 500™ is between 420 kWe and 580 kWe is dependent upon the hot water input temperature, flow rate, and cooling water temperature.

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